For Booking inquiries, contact Tanya here.

Bits & Bites: Safe Space Comedy Show - Hosted by Tanya Nicolle

Select Wednesdays at Bar 1911

Note for Patrons - reserve tables in advance at (902) 566-1911. Shows always at full capacity. Entry cash donation upon arrival.

Comic booking inquiries - contact Tanya here. Priority booking for people of all marginalized populations (BIPOC, Gender-diverse individuals & women, and queer comics - 2SLGBTQIA+). All experience levels welcome.


Info: Bits & Bites is a "safer space comedy" show. What does safer space comedy mean? It means trying our best to not make jokes that could hurt people of marginalized populations. It means using inclusive language. We all have stories to tell, but being mindful in how we tell them. Being allies. It also means giving a voice to people of marginalized populations to share their experiences with us.


Priority-booking populations: 2SLGBTQIA+ , BIPOC, Women or NB gender.


Open calls will be posted 1 week in advance.


Fall Schedule


October 27,  November 10,  Novermber 24 


Summer Schedule for B&B:

August, Thursday Aug 19 

August, Thursday Aug 5


July 8th - Women's Night